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International Authority, Highly Effective Learning


  • <Fedword Cloud Database> Complements the built-in dictionaries by searching for words across the Internet and even Wikipedia to offer English <-> Chinese explanations, images and other relevant content
  • Built-in <Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English> (English – Chinese) 4th edition and <Oxford Advanced Learner’s English – Chinese Dictionary> 8th edition
  • Built-in <The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese> 2nd edition
  • Built-in <14 Languages Dictionary> with newly added Malay Language
  • Android OS; Download your favourite Apps and personalise your screen
  • Live Voice
  • WiFi-enabled


  • <Besta English-Chinese Dictionary> with approx. 340,000 searchable words, 43,000 sample sentences.
  • <Fedword Cloud Database> improves search and learning efficiency by providing the most accurate English <-> Chinese explanations on the Internet for a particular search term.
  • <Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary 8th edition, with approx. 184,500 searchable words, phrases and definitions, as well as approx. 85,000 sample sentences.
  • <Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (English-Chinese)> 4th edition, with 207,000 words, phrases and definitions, as well as approx. 155,000 examples.
  • <Britannica Concise Encyclopedia> with over 6 million words, up to 30,000 entries.
  • <Indonesian Dictionaries> includes English–Indonesian / Indonesian-English Dictionary with approx. 150,000 words and phrases.
  • <Japanese-Chinese Dictionary> with approx. 130,000 searchable words, providing detailed explanations for Chinese-Japanese, Japanese-Chinese, foreign loan words and Kanji.
  • <14 Languages Dictionary> with Chinese, English, Malay, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian, approx. 400,000 words with human voice.
  • <Slang Dictionary> with 2,000 En – Ch – Jp – Kr definitions, as well as sample sentences with human voice.
  • <Chinese-English Dictionary> with approx. 100,000 headwords and phrases, as well as brief and simple English definitions.
  • <The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese> 2nd edition, with approx. 72,000 Chinese words and phrases, over 80,000 examples and 5,500 explanations on form / pronunciation / definition usage.
  • <Chinese-Chinese Dictionary> with approx. 68,000 Chinese words and phrases.


  • <Fedword 无敌云端词库>让词库无限扩充 ─ 针对查询内容提供网络上最精准的英汉、汉英释义或解释,同时搜寻维基百科及网络相关内容,提高搜寻及学习效率
  • 内建<朗文当代高级词典>(英英、英汉双解)第四版、<牛津高阶英汉双解词典>第八版
  • 内建<现代汉语规范词典>第二版
  • 内建新增马来文的<十四国辞典>
  • Android OS可无限下载Apps,并可个性化介面及目录
  • Live Voice真人发音
  • 高速WIFI上线


  • <无敌英汉大辞典>可查字汇近34万字,收录近43,000例句。
  • <Fedword 无敌云端词库>针对查询内容提供网络上最精准的英汉、汉英释义或解释,提高搜寻及学习效率。
  • <牛津高阶英汉双解词典>第八版,收录184,500单词、短语、释义及近85,000例句。
  • <朗文当代高级词典>(英英、英汉双解)第四版,收录207,000词条、片语、释义及近155,000例证。
  • <大英简明百科全书>总字数超过600万字,近30,000词条。
  • <印尼语辞典>含英印及印英辞典,收录近15万词条。
  • <日华华日辞典>收录13万字词,提供日华、华日、外来语、汉字详解。
  • <当代英词搭配辞典>内建14万英文惯用字词搭配用法,提供超过50,000例句。
  • <十四国辞典>提供中、英、日、韩、法、德、西、意、俄、葡、印、越、泰、马等多国语言,收录近40万个单字,全数采用最新Live Voice发音,支持14国语言输入。
  • <俚语辞典>可查2,000条英、中、日、韩释义及例句,皆真人发音。
  • <汉英词典>收录近100,000条中文词汇。
  • <现代汉语规范词典>第二版,可查询72,000词条,超过80,000例词、5500条形/音/义/用法提示。
  • <汉语辞典>收录超过68,000条常用汉语词组。
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Sentence Translation Yes
Real Human Tutor Yes
Pronunciation Mode KK DJ
Live Voice Real Human Pronunciation Yes
Pronunciation Comparison Yes
Pronunciation Content Words, Phrases, Sentences, Multi-Nation Language Dialogue, Full Sentence Bi-directional Translation.
Chinese Input Method Smart Pinyin, Hanyu Pinyin, Chinese Handwriting, Strokes, Total Strokes, Word/Phase Association.
Screen Resolution 1024 x 600
LCD Screen 7″ Color TFT
Device Color champagne gold
Size L 19.12cm / W 10.43cm / H 1.8cm
Handwriting Yes
Internal Memory 32GB
Slot Setting 1 x Micro SDHC (max 32GB)
Battery Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery (4100mAh)
Accessories Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.0, Mini HDMI v1.3, 3.5mm Earphone Jack. Power Source: DC 5V 2A or USB 5V 1A.
Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary (Latest 8th Edition) Yes
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (4th Edition) Yes
The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese (2nd Edition) Yes
BESTA Eng-Chi Dictionary Yes
BESTA Chinese Dictionary Yes
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia Yes
A Comprehensive Chi-Eng Dictionary (Completed Version) Yes
Japanese-Chinese Dictionary Yes
Indonesian Dictionaries Yes
Slang Dictionary Yes
14 Languages Dictionary Yes
Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 22.9 × 15.9 × 7.8 cm


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