Main Features

  • <Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary > 7th edition with approx. 180,000 searchable Words, Phrases and Definitions, as well as approx. 85,000 Sample Sentences
  • <Britannica Concise Encyclopedia> with over 6 million Words, up to 30,000 entries and also Sino-British contrast
  • <Cambridge Encyclopedia> with approx. 4 million Words and 24,300 Phrases and Definitions
  • <English-Chinese Dictionary> with approx. 300,000 searchable words, 43,000 Sample Sentences and provides further information of Word Form, Spelling, Roots, Meaning, Variation, Synonym & Antonym and related words.
  • <Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary > with approx. 25 million words and 340,000 vocabularies
  • Largest Downloadable <Professional Dictionary> Database, including 165 volumes of Terminology and Technical Term Dictionaries Compiled by Besta, National Institute for Compilation and Translation (Taiwan), National Science and Technology Term Standard Committee (China), the Best Reference Tool for Professionals, Students and Researchers alike
  • Downloadable <13 Languages Dictionary> with Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai, approx. 350,000 Words and Human Voice
  • Chinese<-> English Sentence Translation and Smart Comparison
  • Syllable Pronunciation
  • Powerful Search Engine with Cross-dictionaries Search
  • Video and Animated Learning
  • Chinese Strokes Demonstration
  • Display in 5 kinds of Font Sizes
  • Up to 30 cross-search windows
  • Real Human Demonstration for Phonetics Drill


  • 牛津英汉双解词典第七版,收录18万个字词及短语,近85,000个例句
  • 大英简明百科,收录近30,000字词,总字数超过600万,中英对照参考
  • 剑桥百科全书, 收录24,300字词,总字数超过400万字
  • 無敵英汉大辞典,可查近30万字词,43,000 个例句,收录字形、字音、字根、字义、变化、同义、反义、关联词等相关资讯
  • 现代汉语词典双解版,简体中文规范及权威
  • 可下载专业词典资料库,收录無敵专业词典,台湾国立编译馆及中国科技名词审委会所编译的学术及科技名词共165本
  • 可下载十三国辞典, 收录中、英、日、韩、法、德、西、义、俄、葡、印、越、泰等13国语文35万余字汇供查询及真人发音
  • 中英文全句翻译及独家比对精灵
  • 英文单字音节发音
  • 电脑式跨词库搜寻引擎
  • 影音动画学习兼娱乐
  • 汉字笔顺演示
  • 5段大小字体显示
  • 可连续开启30层视窗,中英文交互查询
  • 独家音标口型,稳固学习基础

Advanced Design

  • 2.8”TFT Colour LCD
  • Powerful Video Playback with Clear and Smooth Image/Voice
  • MP3 Player with A-B Repeat, Lyrics Synchronisation and music continues to play in the background while using other functions
  • Adobe Flash supports Multimedia files with .swf, .bfh and .flv format
  • Standard Micro SDHC expansion slot, supports up to 32GB
  • Powered by Standard 100-240V switching adaptor and Lithium-ion rechargeable removable battery
  • High Speed USB 2.0 to download files from your PC


  • 2.8”TFT彩色屏幕
  • 超强MP4影音播放,影音清晰流畅
  • MP3提供A-B点重复播放功能及声文同步,播放时可同时查询字典
  • Adobe Flash提供主机下载播放.swf、.bfh或.flv格式的多媒体档案
  • Micro SDHC扩充卡槽,最大可支援32GB
  • 内充式锂电池,100-240V全球通用整流器
  • USB 2.0快速传输电脑介面

F1 Dictionary辞典
English-Chinese Dictionary英汉辞典
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary牛津高阶
Chinese-English Dictionary汉英辞典
The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary现代汉语
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia 大英百科
Cambridge Encyclopedia 剑桥百科
Terminological Dictionaries 专业辞典
Search Engine搜寻引擎
Slang Dictionary 俚语辞典
Ancient Chinese Dictionary 古汉语字典
Chinese Idioms 中华成语
Extension Card扩充卡
Sentence Translation全句翻译
Graded Dictionary 分级词典
Idioms Dictionary成语辞典
Synonym-Antonym Dictionary同义反义
Word Component单字字构
Example Dictionary例句大全
Extension Dictionary增补辞典
DIY Dictionary自建辞典

F2 Study学习
13 Languages Dictionary十三国词典
Interactive English互动英语
Review and Test复习测验

F3 Multimedia多媒体
MP3 MP3 音乐
Digital Recorder数码录音
My Album我的相册
Games World游戏天地
Text Browser文字浏览

F4 Personal Information Management记事
Name Card电话名片
World Time 世界时间
Calendar 月历
Itinerary 行程计划
Alarm Settings 闹铃设置
Class Schedule 课程表
Calculator 计算大全
Conversion 换算大全

F5 System系统
Memory Management 内存管理
After Service服务中心
Password Setting密码设置
Startup Picture开机画面
Menu & Language Setting 语言设定
File Management档案管理
Sound Setting音效设定
Input Setting输入设定
My Setting个性设置


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