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Features 特点
  • Built-in with Contemporary Chinese Dictionary, strengthening your learning power.
  • Built-in with writing strokes for the basic 2000 words in accordance to the Chinese character list for Primary and Secondary schools in Singapore.
  • A special hot key to show the writing sequence of the Chinese word.
  • Able to display two different types of Chinese fonts.
  • Input method for Chinese words includes both Hanyu Pinyin and total strokes.
  • All words and phrases are pronounced in accordance with its Hanyu Pinyin symbol.
  • Able to display up to 6 level of explanation through highlighting the word or phrases.


  • 独家内置《现代汉语词典》,由中国社会科学院语言研究所编纂
  • 依标准“中小学华文字表” “现代” 分类为 “中学字库”, “小学字库”及“成语字库”, 方便学生查询及学习
  • 依标准“中小学华文字表” 提供小学基本2000字“汉语笔顺”
  • 在字典功能下反白文字, 并按hot key 可直接显示该字笔划顺序
  • 提供两种显示字型, 可依萤幕显示需要随时切换字型大小
  • 提供“汉语拼音” “总笔划” 二种中文输入方式
  • 所有单字及词组皆依其汉语拼音符号发音
  • 可反白释义内容并开启六层交互查询,学习更连续
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