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OverviewDr.eye 7.0 (Professional edition) is a translation software into which three-way (Chinese, English and Japanese) translation is integrated. Besides its abundant database, Dr.eye 7.0 adopts the latest translation engine. The latest TTS technology enables your computer speak Chinese, English and Japanese as native speakers. The lately developed MT engine enables you read articles in English or Japanese without any difficulties. The monthly new word supplement enables your dictionary's database keep up with the times. With Dr.eye 7.0, you are sure to improve your language ability in an efficient way and obtain more opportunities in your life.

System Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003 (English Version)
Pentium III-500 Processor or above
128 M of RAM or above
430 M of available HDD space or above
8x CD-ROM or above
Windows-compatible display with at least 640 x 480 resolution and 256 color


Basic Function Instant Translation: You can get the translation of a word or a phrase either in Chinese, English or Japanese as soon as the cursor moves on it.

Instant Writing: Word replacement, instant spelling check & correction makes your English, Chinese or Japanese writing easier and better. Instant Dictionary: Abundant and integrated database is included in Dr.eye 7.0 Professional edition. Multilingual Input: The intelligent input method employs the advanced input technologies of present days, such as Intelligent & Fuzzy Technology, User-defined Dictionary Technology. Instant Voice: The latest TTS technology enables your computer speak words, phrases, sentences and articles in Chinese, English and Japanese. Word Manager: You may add some important words you have looked up to Word Manager and then review them at your convenience.

Multilingual View: With this practical tool, you can browse Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean code in English OS.

Translation Function Full-text Translation: It provides five sorts ( CHS<->CHT, CHS<->English, CHT<->English, CHS<->Japanese, CHT<->Japanese) of two-way translations from sentence, paragraph to passage and support MS files and emails.

Webpage Translation: Once you activate this function, the web page you are visiting will be translated into Chinese, English or Japanese in seconds for your reference. It also supports the conversion of GB and BIG5 code.

File Translation: It provides five sorts (CHS<->CHT, CHS<->English, CHT<->English, CHS<->Japanese, CHT<->Japanese) of two -way file translations. It supports *.txt, *.htm, *.html, *.doc, *.xls, *ppt file formats.

Learning Function Word Builder: Friendly user interface and graded database with native speaker's pronunciation makes your word learning vivid, easy and interesting.

Sentence Pattern: It includes over 3000 sentences with native American pronunciation. With detailed explanation, you will be a master of English sentence patterns without trouble.

Voice Repeater: With this powerful voice repeater , you can improve your English listening and speaking ability in an effective way.

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