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Main Features

  • <Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary> 7th edition, with approx. 180,000 Searchable Words, Phrases and Definitions, as well as approx. 85,000 Sample Sentences
  • <The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese> 2nd edition, with approx. 64,000 Chinese Words and Phrases, over 80,000 examples and 5,500 explanations on form/pronunciation/definition/usage
  • <Indonesian Dictionaries> Built in 13 Bahasa Indonesia dictionaries, including English-Indonesian/ Indonesian-English / Indonesian-Indonesian / Indonesian-Chinese / Chinese-Indonesian / Medical / Business / Idioms / Slang / Maths / Physics / Chemistry / Biology / Science / Sports English
  • <14 Languages Dictionary> with Chinese, English, Malay, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian, approx. 400,000 Words with Human Voice, Dialogue in 18 Languages
  • Illustrated Dictionary
  • 3.5’’ Wide TFT Colour LCD with Touch Panel
  • Full Screen Multiple Handwriting
  • Exclusive DJ /KK One Touch Phonetic & Syllable Pronunciation
  • Chinese ( Simplified / Traditional ) Stroke Character
  • Full Sentence Eng – Chi/Chi – Eng Translation & Smart Comparison
  • Simultaneous Video / Animation Learning
  • Real Human Demonstration of Chinese Pronunciation
  • High Efficiency Search Engine
  • USB 2.0 High Speed Data Transfer
  • SDHC Memory Card Slot (Up to 32GB)
  • Cross – Search Function


  • <牛津高阶英汉双解词典> 第七版,收录18万单词、短语、释义及近85,000例句
  • <现代汉语词典汉英双解版> 可查询64,000常用汉字词条
  • <印尼语辞典> 包含英印/印英/印印/印汉/汉印/医学/商务/成语/俚语/数学/物理/化学/生物/科学/运动英语等13本印尼文辞典
  • <十四国辞典> 提供中、英、日、韩、法、德、西、意、俄、葡、泰、越及印尼等十八国语言
  • 百科图解
  • 3.5”TFT彩色手写屏幕
  • 全荧幕多字手写
  • 居家DJ/KK One Touch音节发音
  • 汉字(简/繁)笔顺演示与练习
  • 全句翻译:中英双向及文法对照
  • 影音动画同步学习
  • 中文发音真人演示
  • 高效搜索引擎
  • USB 2.0 快速传输
  • SDHC 卡槽设计(最高支持SDHC 32GB)
  • 跨词库查询

F1 Dictionary辞典
English-Chinese Dictionary英汉辞典
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 牛津高阶
Chinese-English Dictionary 汉英辞典
The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese 现汉规范
Indonesian Dictionary 印尼语辞典
Fourteen Languages Dictionary 十四国辞典
Sentence Translation全句翻译
Extended Card扩充卡
Search Engine 搜寻引擎
Slang Dictionary 俚语辞典
Word Component单字字构
Synonym-Antonym Dictionary同义反义
Idioms Dictionary成语辞典
Example Dictionary例句大全
Extension Dictionary增补辞典
DIY Dictionary自建辞典

F2 Study学习
Animated English 动画英语
Illustrated Dictionary百科图解
E-C-J-K Dictionary英中日韩
English Proficiency Test英语检定
Pronunciation Studio发音教室
English Exercise英语练习
Sentence Pattern Classroom句型教室
New Words Study生字背诵
Listening & Speaking Classroom听说教室
Interactive English互动英语
English Studio英语教室
Review and Test复习测验
Full Collection of Tang Poems全唐诗
Common Inscriptions常用题辞
Singapore Local Contents新加坡用语

F3 Multimedia多媒体
Adobe Player Flash
My Album我的相簿
Digital Record数位录音
Illustrated Dictionary百科图解
Vocabulary Master单字王
Pronunciation Master发音王
Animated English动画英语
Games World游戏天地
Text Editor文字编辑

F4 Personal Information Management记事
Paint Brush电子画板
World Time世界时间
Alarm Setting闹铃设置
Class Schedule课程表
Chinese Fortune Teller八字命评

F5 System系统
PC Link电脑连线
Memory Management 记忆体
After Service服务中心
Password Setting密码设置
Startup Picture开机画面
Menu & Language Setting语言设置
Power Management电源管理
File Management档案管理
Sound Setting音效设置
Input Setting输入设置
Handwriting Setting手写设置
Font Setting字型设置
My Setting个性设置
My Favorite我的最爱


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