Besta CD-28

- Built-in with Oxford Eng-Chi/Chi-Eng Dictionary, strengthening your bilingual learning power.
- Built-in with Modern Chinese Dictionary. This Dictionary is approved under Ministry of Education (M.O.E) Booklist.
- Special Chinese Learning function which incorprates the basic words for primary shools and secondary schools in Singapore.
- Built-in with Eng-Chi Dictionary, Eng-Eng Dictionary, Network Dictionary, Slang Dictionary, TOEFL Vocabulary, IELTS Vocabulary, Practical Nouns.
- Built-in with correct writing strokes for the basic 2000 words required for Primary School Students.
- All English and Chinese Words Search come with pronunciation. It also includes Chi-Eng Travel Dialogues.
- Built-in with Simple Calculations, Scientific Calculations, Mathematics Formulae, Physics Formulae, Basic Chemistry and Periodic Table.
- Offers both Chiinese/English Interface
- Sleek design with unique interchangeable casing, allowing you to replace the casing at any time and update your look daily
- Incorporated with Perpetual Calendar, Local Time, World Time, Timer, Measurement, Health Guide, Food Information, General Knowledge.
Function1 Dictionary
1. Eng-Chi Dictionary

Approx 117,500 wordsrporate

8. Travel Dialogues

- General Conversations

- Air travel

- Hotel and Restaurant

- Sightseeing and Shopping

- Sports and Entertainment

- Communication

- Medical and Hygiene

- Financial

- Emergency

- Hairdressing

2. Oxford Eng-Chi Dictionary

Approx 45,000 words

3. Oxford Eng-Chi Dictionary
4. Modern Chinese Dictionary

Approx 60,000 words

5. Eng-Eng Dictionary

Approx 7,000 words


9. Games
6. Internet Dictionary

Approx 1,300 words


10 Chinese Learning

- Chinese Character Strokes

- Primary School Basic Words

- Secondary School Basic Words

- Chinese Idioms - approx 3,300 words

Commonly Wrong Words - approx 1,300 words.

7. Slang Dictionary

Approx 1,800 words


Function2 Data
1. TOFEL Vocabularies Approx 5,000 words
2. IELTS Vocabularies Approx 6,5000 words
3. Useful Vocabularies Human, affairs, creature, natural, objects, food, and district.
4. Calendar
5. Local Time and World Time
6. Timer and Stop Watch
7. Health Guide Standard Weight, Food Calorie Chart, Burnt Calorie, and Nutrition Analysis
8. Local Food Acts Vitamins, Minerals, and Food Tables
Function3 Calculations and Conversions
1. Calculator
2. Scientific Calculator
3 Unit Conversion Length, Area, Volume, Weight, Calorific Capacity, Temperature, Power, and Pressure
4. Mathematical Formulae Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Analvtic Geometry
5. Mathematical Constants
6. Physics Formulae Mechanics, Thermology, and Electromagnetism
7. Physics Constants
8. Chemical Knowledge
9. Chemical Elements
10. Hot Line
Function4 System Setting
1. Time Setting
2. Examination Setting
3. Voice Setting
4. Volume Control
5. Alarm Clock
6. Auto Power Off
7. Time Format Setting
8. LCD Contrast Setting
9. Startup Screen
10. System Update
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