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  • <English-Chinese Dictionary> with approx. 300,000 searchable words, 43,000 Sample Sentences and provides further information of Word Form, Spelling, Roots, Meaning, Variation, Synonym, Antonym and Related Words.
  • Latest Version of the with approx. 180,000 searchable words, phrases and definitions, as well as approx. 85,000 Sample Sentences
  • <Chinese-English Dictionary> with approx. 80,000 Headwords and Phrases, as well as brief and simple English definitions
  • <Chinese-Chinese Dictionary> with approx. 64,000 Chinese phrases and categorized into Dictionary/Wordbook/Idioms Categories
  • <Contemporary Chinese Dictionary> (Chi-Chi-Eng), the Prestigious and Standardized Dictionary in Simplified Chinese.
  • Display Hanyu Pinyin on Chinese Characters (in Chinese Dictionaries)
  • Live Voice MP3 Human Voice with High Fidelity and Clear Pronunciation
  • Syllable Pronunciation
  • Powerful Search Engine with Cross-dictionaries Search
  • 11 Chinese Input Methods such as Phonetic Symbols and Hanyu Pinyin
  • Display in both Simplified & Traditional Chinese
  • Up to 30 Cross-search Windows
  • MP3 Music Player
  • Provide Demonstration of Chinese Strokes Order


  • 無敵英汉大辞典,可查近 30万字词,43,000个例句,收录字形、字音、字根、字义、变化、同义、反义、关连词等相关资讯
  • 牛津高阶英汉双解词典最新版,收录18万个字词及短语,近85,000个例句
  • 汉英辞典,收录近 80,000条中文词汇、英文简明释义
  • 汉语词典,收录超过64,000条常用汉字词组,提供字典、成语、辞典分类查寻
  • 现代汉语辞典中英双解,简体中文规范及权威
  • 汉字内容上可显示拼音符号 (汉语及现汉词典)
  • Live Voice MP3 真人发音, 高音质原音重现
  • 英文单字音节发音
  • 电脑式跨词库搜寻引擎
  • 具注音符号/汉语拼音等 11 种中文输入法
  • 具简繁字体介面及内容显示切换
  • 可连续开启30层中英文交互查询视窗
  • MP3 音乐播放器
  • 提供汉字笔順演示


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