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Main Features

  • 内置《中/英文双向句子翻译》
  • 独家对比精灵,比对校正翻译正确
  • 独家英语学习权威《牛津稿件英和双解词典》最新版
  • 《汉语辞典》收录73,000词条,英文释义简明精练
  • 完整内建汉学权威《现代汉语词典》
  • 《剑桥百科全书》是全球五大百科参考书之一,收录近400万字
  • 内置《英印词典》及《印英词典》,并提供完整印尼文界面供选择
  • 内置或可小组《多国会话》,并可下载82本专业词典
  • 可联系开启20层交互查询视窗,与其他辞典或卡片进行交互查询
  • 提供跨词典单字检索
  • 提供智慧型输入及不明字输入查询
  • 内置MP3音乐播放器
  • SD卡槽可扩充记忆容量
  • USB快速传输电脑界面

Main Features

  1. Built-in <Sentence Translation> for English and Chinese translation or learning
  2. Unique <Smart Sentence Comparison> for accurate translation in Oxford Dictionary
  3. Built-in <Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary 6th edition>
  4. Built-in <Chinese-English Dictionary> with 73,000 headwords and clear definitions
  5. <The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary> making Chinese learning easier
  6. Built-in <Cambridge Encyclopaedia>, includes approximate 4,000,000 headwords, phrases and definitions
  7. Built-in <English-Indonesian Dictionary> and <Indonesian-English Dictionary>, as well as complete Indonesian user’s interface
  8. Provide <Multilingual Travel Dialogues> and 82 volumes of terminology dictionaries for downloading
  9. Allows to open up to 20 cross search windows among other dictionaries or cards
  10. Provide cross search functionality across multiple dictionaries
  11. Provide smart and wildcard input method for unknown spelling
  12. Built-in MP3 Player with Lyric Display function for edutainment purpose
  13. Built-in 1 SD slot for more database and MP3 songs
  14. USB interfaces for downloading of titles/songs from your personal computer


F1        全句翻译 Sentence Translation

  • 可于输入区内输入翻译中英文内容并查询翻译结果
  • 提供译文画面中英问单字反查主机辞典及中 英问发音
  • 提供无敌英汉和牛津比对精灵句库检索近12万字
  • 独家比对精灵,比对校正翻译正确
  • Allows to input Chinese/ English to search for translation results
  • Allows to cross search in other dictionaries and pronunciation of Chinese/English
  • Allows to search within 120,000 entries in reference sentence library: Oxford library and Besta library
  • Unique <Smart Comparison> for accurate translation in Oxford dictionary

F2  辞典 Dictionary

英印 /印英辞典 English- Indonesia /Indonesia – English Dictionary

  • The index screen can be switched between E-I and I-E
  • Provides example sentences, root/derivation, idiom etc
  • The database is licensed from and authorized by Modern English Press -Jakarta

英汉辞典 English-Chinese Dictionary

  • 可查询近12万词条
  • D.J. 两种音标可供选择
  • a wide coverage of English entries, close to 120,000 words
  • D.J. phonetic symbols for selection and switching

汉英辞典 Chinese-English Dictionary

  • 收录近73000条中文词汇,英文释义简明精炼
  • Covers 73,000 Chinese entries with good English Explanations

汉语辞典 Chinese Dictionary

  • 收录近六万常用汉字词组,提供详细释义资料
  • 提供字典,辞典,成语分类查询
  • 可下载简体笔顺显示
  • Provides 60,000 wordbook, idioms for searching
  • Offers radical strokes for viewing Radical, remaining Radical, Total Strokes, Internal  Code, Chang Jie and BoshiAmy

跨语库查询 Extension Dictionary

  • 提供可扩展语库,跨语库搜索功能.
  • Offers inputting search for built-in and downloaded dictionaries
  • Allows Chinese and English input for searching

牛津高阶英汉双解词典 Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

  • 收录最新第六版8万词条词汇,例句9万条
  • 收录近16000条动词词语,衍生词,习语
  • 提供快速的二次查询法:拼音校正,最接近字,加入新字
  • 提供例句,衍生,习语及用法等资料参考
  • 释义画面提供双解/英英/汉汉三种释义资料显示
  • Covers 80,000 English entries in the newest 6th edition, along with 90,000 phrase,  prefix & suffix, new added words and basic words
  • Class search includes total library, usages, phrase, verb phrase, prefix & suffix, new added words and basic words
  • Offers language setting for Chinese explanation
  • Built-in with voice recording and speed adjustment for the pronunciation

自建辞典 DIY Dictionary

  • 用户自建资料内容,扩充主机辞典功能
  • 提供修改,删除,新增资料
  • Enable you to add or edit new words/characters and save new words/characters that are not contained in the dictionaries of the device
  • Provides smart search and search in Multi-Dictionaries


F3        学习 STUDY

  • 多国会话      Multi-language Dialogue
  • 互动英语      Interactive English
  • 造句高手      Sentence Making
  • 背单词         Recite Word


F4        助理  ASSISTANT

  • MP3             MP3播放器
  • 数位录音      Digital Recorder
  • 电子名片      Name Card
  • 备忘记事      Memorandum
  • 游戏天地      Game World
  • 日历            Calendar
  • 世界时间      World Time
  • 行程计划      Schedule
  • 课程表         Class Schedule
  • 计算大全      Calculator
  • 换算大全      Unit Conversion
  • 闹铃设置      Alarm Setting


F5        系统 SYSTEMS

  • 电脑连线      PC Link
  • 档案管理      File Management
  • 记忆体         Memory Management
  • 密码设置      Password Setting
  • 开机画面      Startup Picture
  • 语言设置      Language Setting
  • 音效设置      Sound Setting
  • 输入设置      Input Setting
  • 电池电量      Battery Capacity
  • 服务中心      After Service



Besta products support only standard SD card, it does not work with SD Plus, SD+ and SDHC (SD High Capacity) type cards. more


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