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Besta DigiTech Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore in 1990. As the distributor for Besta Electronic Dictionaries and related products. Besta DigiTech is responsible for managing and marketing the Inventec Group's self-owned brand "Besta" in Singapore and Indonesia.

Over the past eighteen years, the "Besta" brand of electronic dictionaries has focused on sales to Chinese speaking areas around the world and Besta DigiTech has successfully positioned its product as the leading brand of electronic dictionary in the Singapore market today.

Keeping pace with the world’s demand for technical innovation, Besta DigiTech has continued in its mission of being the first to pioneer the use of electronic dictionaries in Singapore. In line with this mission, Besta DigiTech has successfully become the leading brand and tool for language learners. With the emergence of such tools as an effective technological device, Besta DigiTech has penetrated the business, educational and consumer world in Taiwan, Malaysia, USA, Australia, Singapore and many other countries. The electronic dictionary successfully bypasses the use of traditional printed dictionaries to provide an advance reference tool and learning device.

Infused within its small footprint, this powerful device acts as a handy and convenient version of a standard dictionary, encyclopaedia, language translator, media player and storage device. This ability to access millions of words, definitions, and related resources within seconds makes such portable devices a godsend in almost all situations when instant referencing is required. The compactness of the gadget, patek philippe replica combined with the ever essential Oxford Dictionary, Cambridge and Britannica Encyclopaedias is the essence of what makes each Besta device a powerful cross reference tool.

As the only product of its kind with these added features, many have tried to emulate our products, but none have managed to encroach anywhere near cheap wedding dress us. The Besta electronic dictionary outclasses about 70% of the market, making Besta a leading brand.

The invention was first introduced to the Chinese-speaking community, aimed particularly at children, students and working adults. With continued development through the years, Besta has developed newer and better dictionaries, with Thai, Korean, Malay and Japanese dictionaries.

Our Core Philosophy


    Is the engine of growth. The value created through quality innovations will ensure Besta DigiTech’s business is sustainable through the long term.


    Is the lifeblood of our operations. We will implement quality assurance measures to ensure that our dedication to customer satisfaction remains at the core of our business.


     Is the attitude held by all Besta DigiTech staff, ensuring that all continue to improve themselves and their professional skills.


      Is the bottom line for all staff. Work is result oriented and carried out thoroughly in order to ensure objectives are accomplished.


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